Have you ever thought of adventurous benefit of staying in our hotel at Page AZ? Page Lake Powell Nightly Rental offers you the lavish family apartment in a calm location where major highlights are easily accessible. This makes your adventurous quest hassle-free and also enthralling. You might be aware of the fact that Lake Powell is the ideal vacation place for the people of all ages. The serene beauty of this place captures the attention of the travelers & photographers and people come here by traveling the long distance.

Our hotel is best suited for travelers, explorers, family members, and solo-traveler because you get the amazing places in Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell and Page Arizona in the accessible distance. Here are some of the major highlights available at the reachable distance from our lavish apartment:

  •     Page Municipal Airport- Airport offers the serene airplane tour of the city- Rainbow Bridge, Lake Powell, and Grand Canyon.
  •     John Wesley Powell Museum- It is an intriguing place where you can discover diverse exhibits.
  •     Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park- A fun place with many great surprises where you can discover the beautifully sculpted walls.
  •     Antelope Canyon Galleria- Are you looking for an adventure? If yes, then you’ll love this place as it is perfect for sightseeing and photography tour. 
  •     Navajo Village Heritage Center- Explore the authentic recreation of a traditional Navajo. You’ll see the memorable glimpse of Native American culture.
  •     Antelope Canyon- This picturesque place is highly renowned for its beautiful natural formation and good lightening at daytime soothes your eyes.
  •     Rattlesnake Canyon- Not sure that you will only see snakes here, but you can discover nine natural arches, safe sandy beaches, tunnel trail, and colorful walls.
  •     Horseshoe Bend- Capture the amazing sight of the horseshoe-shaped meander; formed by the Colorado River.
  •     Lake Powell- This is the place you cannot live without seeing. Lake Powell is a great place to become adventurous where one can go fishing, boating, camping, etc. 
  •     Glen Canyon Dam- The spectacular view you get from Glen Canyon Dam is awe-inspiring and will leave the indelible impression on your mind.
  •     Grand Canyon North and South Rim- Reach the edge and you’ll get the spectacular sight of unique rock formations and wildlife. The north and the south rims give you the most splendid views of the canyon.

Staying at our hotel makes your vacation even more comfortable. Just ask yourself- Don’t you think that after the whole day, you need a room where you could remove your tiredness. Our hotel is located in the close proximity and offers you the spacious room with the optimal facilities for your fun-relaxing stay. You’ll find:

  •     AC Rooms with 2 Private Bedrooms, Living Room, Full Kitchen, Washer/Dryer
  •     Homelike facilities such as- DVD Player, Kitchen, laundry, Microwave, non-smoking, Shower over bath, Television, internet, tea/coffee maker, and many more

These were only a few of them, best facilities are provided for your soothing stay. As a customer, you’ll not be disappointed with our hospitality and apartment facilities.